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Hi! I’m Fifi, a Buckinghamshire based brush lettering artist and lifestyle blogger.

I am a fervent storyteller. It started as a tiny girl, perched on the end of the bed, captivated by my daddy’s stories. As I grew, these stories stayed with me and I began to tell my own. After having my daughter I began a blog and started to send my stories out into the world.

I champion imperfection in all areas of life, I embrace her like a friend for she is kind, understanding and the best encourager. In a culture obsessed with perfect facades I feel the need to dig my heels in and find beauty in the mess. I will always stand up, in all my imperfection, and shout the truth that you are not alone.  

I began brush lettering three years ago with this ethos under my belt. You can find me most days, splattered in ink, crafting perfectly imperfect words that build people up.

You are not alone, we are all a beautiful mess.